Our Hosted Services

We develop and offer hosted services which allow clients to save on infrastructure and support costs. Our hosted solutions are supported and monitored to guarantee constant up-time and availability, saving time and money for our clients' IT expenditures. We also develop custom hosted solutions for our clients' requirements. If you would like to set up a consultation to discuss your ideas on a potential hosted solution please contact us to further explore the possibilities. Our current hosted services are outlined here.

Opentek.ca Groupware

Opentek.ca Groupware is a fully featured, hosted corporate groupware solution. It has been designed and tuned to work with users and groups needing to share data and communicate in a business environment. This solution runs on a dedicated server hosted on our network infrastructure, saving you the upfront cost of server purchases. Support, backup and maintenance service packages are available and can be finely tuned to each client's individual needs. Please contact us to learn more or request a quote. The core features and benefits of Opentek.ca Groupware are outlined below.
  •         Webmail interface with advanced AJAX features
  •         Integrated address book with full sharing capabilities
  •         Calendar application with group support
  •         Web based file manager for sharing data
  •         Integrates into Outlook or Thunderbird
  •         Branded with your company's logo
  •         Mobile access & sync for mobile devices
  •         Dedicated server for ensured application speed
  •         Unlimited storage per user account
  •         Modern web interface with drag & drop features
  • Opentek.ca Hosted PBX

    Our hosted PBX service is a fully customized corporate telephone system designed from the ground up for your specific business. We design each hosted PBX system for our particular clients needs. Each hosted PBX system uses a dedicated server to deliver uninterrupted performance and call quality. Features are deisgned and implemented based on customer requests. To learn more of request a quote please contact us. Some of the features of the Opentek.ca hosted PBX solutions are listed below.
  •         Fully customizable PBX solution
  •         No hardware requirements
  •         Unlimited DIDs and call channels available
  •         Ring groups, hunt groups and agent queues
  •         Call tracking and reporting
  •         Fully monitored with 24/7 support
  •         Voicemail and call forwarding
  •         Features can be added and / or developed at request
  •         Email to fax / fax to email
  •         Dedicated server for guaranteed performance
  • Opentek.ca Monitoring

    Our hosted server and network monitoring service offers the benefits of connecting to your systems from outside your datacenter to ensure that you are notified of emergencies. If your monitoring is done internally, how can you be sure the monitoring server has not gone down with the other services? Our service runs on multiple servers in a fail-safe setup utilizing multiple datacenters. We connect to your systems via VPN and have the ability to monitor any service or piece of hardware. We provide real-time notification of issues at various pre-defined or user-definable emergency levels. Notifications can be via email or text message to your mobile phone. To learn more or request a quote please contact us.

    Opentek.ca Online Backup

    Our hosted online backup service backs up your data over the internet. Your data is stored on our secure servers with history so you can recover files from past dates. Our backup systems are fully monitored for failures and data integrity is verified on every backup. Backup times, history length and data sizes are fully customizable to fit your needs. We will take away the stress and costs associated with maintaining and monitoring a complicated system ensuring that if an emergency occurs your data will be available. To learn more or request a quote please contact us.