Welcome to the Opentek.ca weblog

Here in our blog you’ll find tips and tricks related to system administration, network administration and programming. We will also post updates and information related to our services. Our tips and tricks posts are intended to be used as reference and may or may not work in your environment. The content is gathered from our everyday experiences in our fields of expertise.

Move Your Server Infrastructure to the Cloud

We have the knowledge to move your companies entire server infrastructure to the cloud while maintaining your operations. More and more often clients are asking us to move their onsite server based IT operations into the cloud. We offer many solutions to the common road-blocks that often hinder IT operations from the cloud. You will…

Asterisk Experts

We have been working with Asterisk and offering services supporting and extending Asterisk for a number of years. We build and maintain custom PBX solutions for our clients as either hosted or on-site solutions. Our install base covers everything from small office environments to fully featured large scale call-centers.

The Importance of Backups

This week I have had two of my clients affected by data backup issues. Like many companies out there the first client had been making decisions putting backup at a lower priority than it should have been. This of course goes against my best advice but the client saw things differently. I always do my…

Opentek.ca Hosted PBX

We are pleased to announce our latest hosted service. Opentek.ca hosted PBX is a hosted corporate telephone service with an unprecedented array of features at a truly unique price point. Since this is a hosted service you save on the infrastructure and support costs typically associated with an office PBX system. We design each hosted…

Secure your PBX servers with our SIP RBL client

Since we started building, installing and supporting Linux / Asterisk based PBX systems, there has been a very pressing need to effectively block SIP hacking while still providing our clients with a PBX system that is flexible and user friendly. We decided to build a SIP honeypot application to track and collect IP addresses that…

Install Ruby 1.9.2 from source on Ubuntu/Debian Linux

I administer a lot of servers running Ruby based web sites/applications. I am often tasked with installing and configuring a server with a specific version of Ruby. For this reason I prefer to not rely on the distro provided binaries but rather install Ruby from source on these servers. Here’s the quick and easy way…

Install and configure a new WordPress site

As a system administrator I am often tasked with setting up a new empty WordPress site. No matter which web server you use the process is the same once the web servers’ document root is defined. Make sure you have your web server set up and serving documents before proceeding.

Reset a lost MySQL root password

If you’ve ever inherited a system from another administrator you know how frustrating it can be to not be left with the applicable list of root passwords to the system and various server. Well, here’s how to reset the MySQL root password even if you don’t know the current one.

Port forward traffic from one server to another

While migrating services from one server to another it is often necessary to be able to forward all the traffic on the old ip address and port to the new IP address and port while DNS changes are propagated to the internet. With ‘iptables’ on Linux a few quick commands will accomplish the entire task…